Computer Help

Using a computer

We live in an age where we are increasingly being asked to do much more of our daily business on-line. This applies to household too. Many of the best deals and prices are found on-line, and many companies and agencies are moving towards accepting on-line applications only. For some people this is a problem as they have little or no access to a PC or the Internet. Whether you are a complete beginner or just want to refresh your IT skills, we can help you.


  • Offer basic one-to-one computer training, either in your own home or at a suitable venue local to you.
  • Provide computer classes throughout Inverclyde, at either beginners or intermediate level
  • Provide the computer equipment if you don’t have access to one at home

Remember, Future Skills can help you with tablets, laptops, mobile phones and Smartphones.

Contact us for further information about classes that are running in your area and to book a place, or to arrange a home visit.